GROUP TRAINING Nestoras-Fitness-personal training-weight loss-loose weight-health-wellnessThe concept of aerobic exercise and in fact the word “Aerobics” was the creation of Dr. Kenneth Cooper. Dr. Cooper also developed the exercise program referred to to as “Circuit Training.” If you are not acquainted with Circuit Training (CT), it is quite simple. CT involves the use of a variety of different pieces of equipment which improve strength, stamina and burn calories. CT is a much more efficient way to workout. On average a typical individual workout of 1 to 1 1/2 hour involves 25 sets on varying pieces of equipment. But a CT workout can accomplish thesame results in 30 minute using 52 stations. And you will get a more balanced and aerobic training session.

Anastasios offers customized Group personal training in a group environment utilizing the CT concepts. Typical sessions have 10 to 15 participants and utilize 26 different exercise stations. Your heart rate is monitored throughout the process and you are reevaluated every 2 to 3 weeks so the program can be modified to maximize your results.
Sessions are offered in your home or your facilities.
And much more!